Here's a collection of my film work in four categories: Corporate, Arts & Entertainment, Journalism and Documentary. I did a great variety of shoots in the Netherlands but also all over Europe, Asia, the US and Africa. They were shot solo or with a team.  I can make films for any type of style, for commercial, non commercial, and journalism purposes, tailored to your budget.


Previous projects included a construction company BAUER Indonesia, the Netherlands and Hong Kong and also the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York. Enhance your organisation using strong and powerful images and editing techniques. Watch the showreel  or check out a selection of productions HERE.

Arts & Entertainment

Productions for artists, DJ's and musicians like violinist Rosanne Philippens, watch a selection of the videos HERE.



Here's a selection of the news and background stories I covered over the years in the Netherlands, but also all over Europe, The US and Africa. Working for and in cooperation with National Geographic,, FOX, AOL, Yahoo and the Huffington Post. Watch a selection of my work here.



I've always wanted to make documentaries. So my traineeship for weekly documentary show Amsterdams Peil, at local TV-station AT5, was a perfect start of my career. More recently I made the trailer for a crowdfunding project for the documentary High on Nano, it was my first solo project. It's about using marijuana as a possible drug to prevent heart failure, still the number one cause of death worldwide. You can watch it here.